Seizure Semantics

Oh, words. I love you; I use you; I constantly underestimate your power. 

This morning I met with my new neurologist. I joked with the receptionist about how I’d graduated to the “adult” neurologist, because the last time I saw one, I was at Primary Children’s. It was long enough ago that I can’t remember my pediatric neurologist’s name, but I remember liking her. I’m a fan of my new neurologist, too, but I’m not a fan of the news she gave me. She corrected the words in the phrase I used to describe my medical history, and… to be honest, I’m still struggling to process it. 

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Caryn LarrinagaComment
Seizures: The Enemy Returns

One week ago, my husband and our friends, Matt and Robyn, were sitting on a plane bound for Narita Airport in Japan. I excitedly sent my parents pictures of the entertainment console on the seatback in front of me; it had one of my all-time favorite games (Bookworm—not quite as good as Bookworm Adventures but still tons of fun) and a few movies I’d missed seeing in the theaters. We had plenty of goodies to get us through the eleven-hour flight to Tokyo and were freaking out about the adventure ahead, which we’d been planning for ten long months.

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