I’m borrowing this idea from YA author Kayla Olson, who published a blog post like this one last week. She got it from another author, who got it from another one… seriously, it’s like a rabbit hole tracing this thing back to it’s apparent origin.

Anyway, I love this idea and I’m hoping to do a post like this semi-regularly. Probably once every month or two. Without further ado, here’s what I’m currently up to.


Yep. These are the ones. Some day I'll make my own from scratch, but for now...

Yep. These are the ones. Some day I'll make my own from scratch, but for now...

Pierogies! If you’ve never heard of them, they’re basically all my favorite comfort foods put together in one dish: pasta filled with mashed potatoes and cheese. The other night we boiled them up and covered them with caramelized shallots, and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t choke from how quickly I was stuffing them into my mouth. It’s my new favorite meal, and I’ll probably do it for dinner again tonight! (“Probably?” she scoffed, getting up to check the freezer. Yep, the box of pierogies was right there, waiting on the second shelf. Dinner was decided.)



I’m currently reading Snobs by Julian Fellowes, which I picked up for $1 at a thrift store in the fall. The book disappeared when I was three chapters in, and I couldn’t find it for months. But while cleaning out the closet in my den (the Spring Cleaning bug got me good), I found it in a computer bag. Hooray! So I’m diving back in. Julian Fellowes created Downton Abbey (and I haven’t watch the final season yet, so please, no spoilers), and if you enjoy reading about Britain’s class system and the ways people try to climb the ranks, I recommend it.



Best part about Mondays? Better Call Saul. It’s such a fantastic show. In between episodes, since there’s a whole entire torturous week between each one, Kelly and I have been marathoning the original run of the X-Files. We just got to season 7. I might have a Vince Gilligan thing or something.

We’ve also just started re-watching an anime called Get Backers with some friends. It’s one of my absolute favorites. Two best friends with super powers, helping people find lost or stolen items and fighting other powered people? Yeah. It’s the bee’s animated knees. 

Listening To

Have you heard of The Moth & The Flame? They’re a band from Provo, Utah, and I’m currently addicted the song Live While I Breathe from their new album.

Other than that, I like to listen to sort of atmospheric electronic music while I write. It’s been a lot of Röyksopp and Ronald Jenkees these last couple of weeks. 

Thinking About

To be honest, lately I feel like I only have two things on my mind at all times: my current work in progress, and the querying I’m doing for Donn’s Hill. If I’m not imagining and writing down what Tess McBray is going through, then I’m researching agents and querying some of them. Thank goodness for It’s been an invaluable tool during this process, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is seeking an agent or is submitting to small presses. It’s free to use, and the fee for premium features is only $25 per year (completely worth it).



My trip to Orlando with my husband is next month! We’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary (10 YEARS GUYS!!!) by going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We’ll be drinking butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, eating chocolate frogs, strolling down Diagon Alley… SQUEEEE!! Bonus: they have some attractions from The Simpsons!!!

If you can’t already tell from the proliferation of exclamation marks, I’m so very excited to spend a few days relaxing and having fun with Kelly, and of course eating all that delicious fresh seafood. Living in a landlocked state can be a real bummer sometimes.


That I can find an agent and/or publisher for Donn’s Hill. This novel is so special to me, for so many reasons. I want to find it a good home with the right people, so it can get out into the world. So I’ll keep working at it, and I will make it happen!

Making Me Happy

My fur babies. I mean, look at these little monsters chasing catnip bubbles. They're an endless source of joy for me.

That’s it! Let’s keep this train rolling. If you do a “Currently” blog post, tweet me @carynlarrinaga so I can read it and retweet! And if you’re not a blogger, I still want to know what you’re up to. Leave a comment; what are you Currently doing?