Interview on the Dungeon Crawlers Radio Podcast

Okay, I've basically been riding a super-high all week long with all of this promotional stuff for Donn's Hill. Every single one of my interviews has been so much fun to record! And this latest one was no exception. I laughed so much during this interview with the team from Dungeon Crawlers Radio, probably because nerd humor is my jam. I fell in love with my husband over the D&D table, I spend an inordinate amount of time fantasizing about super powers, and I love arguing with my friends about the outcomes of fantasy fistfights between pairs of fictional characters.

In short, these are my people.

Check out my interview with Daniel, Scott, and McKay (aka the Dungeon Crawlers) where we talk about what superpowers we'd like to have, why Tortoisehell cats are so cool, and the correct pronunciation of my name. :) And of course, if you like their style and want more nerd news and discussions, be sure to subscribe to their podcast and rate them on iTunes!