Today is the day! DONN'S HILL is officially out in the world!

Today is the day!! Donn's Hill is finally, FINALLY available for purchase, and I am now a published novelist. A novelist, people!! If 10-year-old Caryn only knew that she would someday pull this off... well, she'd have probably been unbearably obnoxious.

If you're in or near Salt Lake City, I'm hoping to see you March 14 at the release party where I'll be reading from the book and signing copies! 

If you're not local, or prefer ebooks, then you don't even have to wait - you can get Donn's Hill right now!

Donn's Hill
By Caryn Larrinaga

Important note: if you order the paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or elsewhere, I won't be able to sign it during the launch party. But that doesn't mean I won't sign it anywhere else, any other time! 

Not local and envious of all the folks getting signed copies? I'd love to send you one! Click below to have an autographed paperback shipped directly to you. (Or email me so we can talk about me setting up a book signing in your city!)

If anyone needs me, I'll be getting a chai and grabbing random strangers by the lapels of their jackets to shout at them, "I'M A NOVELIST!!" until either my husband manages to wrestle me back into the car or I tire myself out.