Interview on Park City TV's "Mountain Views" with Terry Burden

Ages ago (okay, like 3 years), my life was dominated by two things: doing awesome lazy couples stuff with Kelly, and playing music. I spent three nights a week most weeks down at a studio, writing and jamming and laughing with whatever band I'd managed to trick into letting me join them. I do miss playing bass with other musicians, but I felt like I had to give writing my all. And given how well Donn's Hill turned out (if I do say so myself), I think I made the right decision. Writing is my calling. It's my passion, and I'm driven to write in a way I've never felt driven to do anything else.

Anyway, sometimes my new author life crosses streams with my old band life, and it's always awesome when that happens. My interview on Park City TV was no exception, because I got to hang out with the always-amazing Terry Burden for the first time since I appeared on his program with my former bandmates from The Red on Black.

Not only is Terry incredibly nice and wonderfully supportive of new musical acts and new authors, he's got some serious chops. He's interviewed A-list actors and actresses, Olympic athletes, and bestselling authors. And he interviewed little old me, too. :)

Check out my interview, in which I get so nervous reading an excerpt from my own novel that I panic slightly and have to just... stop.

Author of Donn's Hill discusses her latest book