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Guest Post: Typing "The End" is Just the Beginning

I'm thrilled to introduce my first guest blogger, YA fantasy author Christa Conklin!

Christa recently went through the querying process to land an agent for her debut fantasy novel, and graciously agreed to write about the ways that her perspective has changed as she's gone from querying to now being agented. 

So, without any further ado.... here's Christa Conklin!

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Beta Readers: What are they? Do I need one?

When I finished my first novel, the first thing that I did was justify purchasing and consuming a large hot fudge sundae. So delicious, so worth it. After that, I did a happy dance with my cats.

Then it was back to business. As proud as I was about my first draft, I knew it wasn’t perfect. It needed to be refined… a lot. I chose to use Beta readers to help me with that process.

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