LIVE video interview on The White Room podcast!

Today marks an interesting "first" for me - I've had my first-ever live streamed YouTube interview! British author E. Rachael Hardcastle has an excellent podcast called The White Room (and I keep forgetting to ask her if it's a reference to the Cream song) where she interviews indie authors about their writing and publishing experiences. 

I loved getting to chat with Rachael. She's a very driven writer and a fantastic interviewer. Check out the video from our live stream, and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to be notified of future interviews with other authors. I hope to return to her podcast for a follow-up interview some time next year!

The White Room Ep.16 welcomes the author of Donn's Hill (released 3rd March 2017), a paranormal mystery, to the podcast. Check out her website here: Visit the host's website for a free book here: