Guest Post: Typing "The End" is Just the Beginning

I'm thrilled to introduce my first guest blogger, YA fantasy author Christa Conklin!

Christa recently went through the querying process to land an agent for her debut fantasy novel, and graciously agreed to write about the ways that her perspective has changed as she's gone from querying to now being agented. 

So, without any further ado.... here's Christa Conklin!

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I’m borrowing this idea from YA author Kayla Olson, who published a blog post like this one last week. She got it from another author, who got it from another one… seriously, it’s like a rabbit hole tracing this thing back to it’s apparent origin.

Anyway, I love this idea and I’m hoping to do a post like this semi-regularly. Probably once every month or two. Without further ado, here’s what I’m currently up to.

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Making Cuts

On an earlier blog post, I talked about feeling frustrated with my superhero/urban fantasy project. I took a step back from it and started working on something else, thinking that a little space would help me get past the block I was facing with that story.

Being right feels so good sometimes, especially when I’m right about myself.

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